Wheesh, Click here!
Wheesh, Click here!
"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."
(Sir Isaac Newton)

To me, the importance of the above quote is to make us stop, think and be humble for a moment so as we may give some credit to all the people that have taught us and influenced our lives. None of us are born with ready-made knowledge (at least not yet), and although a good part of what we know is from our own life experiences, many of us would not even have a life if not for some truly exceptional human beings that have shared their knowledge with others.

One of my favourite sayings to complement the above is:
"If I have a penny (coin), and you have a penny, and we exchange pennies, we still end up with one penny each. But if I have an idea, and you have an idea, and we exchange these, we now have two ideas each." I honestly cannot remember where I heard this from, but it has become one of my firm beliefs and part of my everyday way of life.

The information contained on my website is of course a small collection of the things that interest me personally, and I will endeavour to keep adding to the main subjects; photography, business strategy, and sales techniques every couple of weeks. I started this site for two main reasons: a) as a personal backup allowing me access to documents and links from wherever I can get an internet connection, b) to share information and photo's with friends and family. I hope you also find something useful to you, and hence it conforms with the 'spirit of the Net'.

So as to avoid the 'spammers', you will not find any e-mail links. But please feel free to contact me using vince @ amari . tv (just take out the spaces).


(The journey of life is always under construction - Robert Lambert)